3R Soluciones is the personal project of Lluis Delgado, who created the company in 2008 having previously gained over 20 years’ experience in the environment and waste management sector.

Lluis is a Technical Specialist in Analysis and Basic Processes and a Technical Engineer in Industrial Chemistry. During the course of his career he has undergone a wide range of training activities that have reinforced his knowledge of the sector, although it is his considerable professional experience that has enabled him to understand, know and manage the various processes and procedures that play such an important part in production processes and customer management.

As Managing Director of 3R Soluciones Lluís has built a collaborative team specialising in a range of disciplines capable of managing our clients’ projects in a professional way and at the same time constantly seeking innovative and effective solutions.

The mission of 3R Soluciones is to provide, from the vantage point of an outside perspective,  a practical, independent and in-depth analysis of the causes of inefficiency in waste management, as well as objectivity, flexibility and a results-focused approach aimed at offering alternative solutions to those carried out today and which promote the interests of the customers who rely on their services.