3R Soluciones is an environmental consulting specializing in the field of waste management.

Our business is based on the detailed analysis of the existing situation in terms of the production and handling of waste generated at a specific site and on a solution proposal that allows for a significant improvement in its management.

These solutions don’t just cover the search for the most suitable external treatment options, but also those for the external and internal waste logistics that adapt most effectively to your site’s needs.

We also actively take part in carrying through the solutions finally adopted by the company or organisation management team, whether it is at the design stage of the measures to be adopted, in the direction and control of their implementation in situ, or at the end-management phase.

We are convinced that industrial operations should be geared towards a more sustainable model, so we are committed to a Circular Economy paradigm in which the generation of a product in a specific industrial activity represents the opportunity to meet the need for another, but different, industrial activity..

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