Marketing and Recovery of by-products & Non valuable waste Management

Waste BrokerageObtaining the product sought in any industrial process inevitably involves the generation of unused raw and/or auxiliary materials, and even the creation of new products that differ markedly from the stated manufacturing objective.

For these materials, solutions should be sought that, in addition to complying with current legislation, mean the most environmentally successful options possible.

Our cooperation helps you to achieve such positive outcomes:

We offer a service for locating potential interested parties in the acquisition (or supply) of by-products for their integration within productive processes, as well as mediation in their transactions so as to take advantage of opportunities for external recovery.

For those forms of waste that cannot be reused and which inevitably have to be managed as such, 3R Soluciones has representation agreements with properly authorized waste management compamies that provide an outlet for practically all the waste that can be generated in industrial facilities, such as spent waste solvents, acid water, sludge, filter cakes and so on.