Industrial Symbiosis Promotion

Promotion of Industrial Symbiosis

A very important aspect for the improvement of environmental waste management of waste lies in the creation of corporate networks to facilitate the rational flow of resources generatd as by-products among companies.

These networks are embodied in a series of partnerships which establish patterns of supply and reception of materials or services (e.g. surplus heat energy) so that both the producer and the receiver of those materials or services are mutually benefited.

The term Industrial Symbiosis, which graphically defines the described concept, take as a reference the close and persistent biological interaction between organisms of different species that occurs spontaneously in nature.

The implementation of the Industrial Symbiosis runs into difficulties or barriers that, beyond the acceptance of the idea itself, concentrate on the difficulty of locating suitable partners and get to know the real needs of each party involved.

Our services will facilitate this task: we seek, we study and propose alliances that may be more appropriate for the characteristics of your Company in relation to its surroundings, acting as facilitators for agreements for the exchange of resources according to the principles of Industrial Symbiosis.

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