Commercialisation of by-products

Commercialisation of by-products & Non valuable waste Management

Waste BrokerageObtaining a product through an industrial process does inevitably entail the generation of wastes of raw or auxiliary materials and even the formation of new products significantly different from the objective product to be manufactured.

For those materials must be sought outputs that, in addition to complying with current legislation, they represent environmentally the most satisfactory choices.

Our activity helps you to achieve these outputs:

We locate companies interested in acquiring by-products for their productive process and we act as intermediaries to get the most benefit out of the opportunity given to both parties.

For those waste products that cannot be reused and that inevitably have to be managed as mere waste 3R Soluciones has representation agreements with duly authorized waste management companies that can process all waste generated in industrial plants, such as exhausted solvents, acidic waters, sludge-cake filtration …