Precious Metals

Metal fabric 710314423R Soluciones is the exclusive representative for Spain of the firm MASTERMELT Ltd., a British company specialized in the recovery of precious metals from different industrial sources such as exhausted catalysts, precious metals coatings or scrapping of aeronautical equipment.

With this representation agreement one of our goals (the promotion of upcycling as a main activity in waste management) becomes reality: from products that have lost their characteristics of usability for a particular process we obtain materials from an economic and environmental value even higher than the original product.

MASTERMELT manages and recovers precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium, iridium, rhodium, and ruthenium) from different waste product generated within different industrial áreas:

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  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical
  • Aeronautical and aerospace
  • Medical
  • Electronics
  • Surface treatment (electroplating)
  • Special glasses

Complementary to this precious metals recovery service in their England based facilities, MASTERMELT provide their customers with all the experience of more than 25 years in the sector allowing the identification of alternative sources of precious metals that may go unnoticed by the customer such as condensation of volatile compounds in aspiration/ventilation pipes, scaling on replaced equipment, traces in cleaning plants…

Providing at all time the most efficient technologies in this field, and giving to the whole process of management of recovery the greater transparency, MASTERMELT offers its customers the guarantee that products processed at its facilities will have the best possible recovery, maximizing thus the economic return from the operation.

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