Technical Support

Working gears 155159597The implementation of measures to improve the waste management processes requires both material and personnel resources that must be correctly led to achieve an efficient use.

A basic task to be developed is a comprehensive definition of the scope of improvements to be implemented and the resources to be used, as well as the monitoring and control of their development. This task cannot always be directly performed by the customer’s staff either due to lack of personnel or by lack of time due to daily activity.

3R Soluciones we offer support to your organization through our works of Technical Office and Basic Engineering as described below:

Definition and implementation of specific solutions

Needs analysis, design, suppliers selection and execution of direction tasks and control of construction of facilities for the management and treatment of waste. 

Technical Reports, Projects and Expert Reports

Preparation of technical studies, reports and projects related to waste treatment facilities.

Legal consulting in the field of waste management.

Training in waste handling and management

Training sessions aimed at the safe and efficient handling of waste generated within the company.

Technical advice in the acquisition of equipment for the handling of waste

Technical support in the processes of purchase of machinery and equipment for handling and preparation of wastes.

Elaboration of bids for public tenders

Design of facilities for municipal and industrials waste management and drafting of the formal documentation for bidding on public tenders.