Conjunto Envases_jpgRegarding used industrial packaging, we at 3R Soluciones recommend recovery options that avoid the simple destruction and consequent loss of material resources.

To this end, we operate in partnership with one of the main IBC/GRG container manufacturers established in Spain and which has used packaging recovery facilities in Catalonia and Andalusia.

The options we offer are the following:

A service for the washing, reconditioning and/or supply of recovered IBC/GRG

  • Reuse of IBCs/GRGs trhough washing and reintroduction in the production process itself or through the acquisition of fully approved reconditioned containers.

Industrial Packaging Management at the end of its life cycle

  • The collection and recovery of all types of Industrial Packaging (IBCs / GRGs, plastic bottles, metal drums, cardboard drums, etc.) at an authorised treatment plant.