Waste Generation Minimization

Minimising the Generation of Waste is the most direct method to achieve both an environmental as well as financial improvement in production operations when it comes to managing waste.

Our business provides you with support to help you implement the necessary minimization measures: We analyze the waste streams and by-products generated during their processing and assess the different options available in order to achieve a reduction in management costs, prioritising them according to the following order of preference:

  • Reduction in the amount and/or complexity of the generated waste
  • Internal reuse of waste and by-products as substitutes for primary or auxiliary materials
  • External reuse of waste and by-products
  • Recycling of the recoverable fractions contained in non-reusable waste, promoting the up cycling of components and materials (process of conversion into better quality new materials or with a greater environmental value) as opposed to down cycling (process in which lower quality new materials are generated or with reduced functionality regarding the virgin material that the product transformed into waste was made up of)

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